Frequently Asked Questions

What towns does Shoreline Village CT serve?

As of 2016, the Village serves Branford, North Branford, Guilford, and Madison, with a few members from nearby towns on the eastern shoreline.

Who manages Shoreline Village CT?

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation led by an unpaid Board of Directors and one part-time paid employee. Our members can reach us by phone at 203-747-5939 and by email.

Why should I join the Village if I am in good health and can get services on my own?

Joining as a Supporting Member (i.e. a member who doesn’t need the Village’s services) is a way of “paying it forward.” If you sign up now, you will help ensure that the Village will be robust when you do need it. You will join a like-minded community and get to know other members and the staff.

Why should I join the Village if I live in a condominium with handyman and concierge services?

The Village can help you with personalized transportation for tasks such as grocery shopping; it offers “through your door” services, for example, placing your groceries on shelves and in the refrigerator. The Village can provide a volunteer to accompany you to doctor-prescribed procedures that require a companion and provide you with the kinds of help you would ask from a trusted friend.

Are there different categories of members?

Active Members receive all our services including rides, help around the house, and neighborly visits; they have access to our database of vetted plumbers, carpenters, and other service providers.

Donors and Volunteers, members by virtue of their contributions of time, energy, and/or money, are invited to enjoy our educational and social activities.

Supporting Members pay the annual membership fee, but don’t receive services. They take part in educational and social activities. Their membership fees and any other contributions are tax-deductible.

How much does it cost to join Shoreline Village CT?

The annual fee for Active and Supporting Members is $500 for individuals and $750 for couples. Because Supporting Members do not receive services, their fees are tax-deductible. Donors and Volunteers become members of the Village by virtue of their contributions; they do not pay membership fees. Donors contribute money, but less than Supporting Members, so they are not eligible for financial benefits, like discounts from VNA, third-party providers, etc.

You can join at any time. The annual fee is due when you join with renewal a year from that date. We prefer a single annual payment but can arrange for monthly plans.

What does the annual membership fee include?

If you are an Active Member, all of our services provided by volunteers are included in your membership fee. Services provided by outside professionals, including nursing care, are not included, though Active and Supporting members can receive discounts from some outside providers.

How do you respond to members’ requests?

The Village will schedule your request for transportation or other services, or recommend a vetted provider. If you wish, we will contact the provider directly and make your appointment. We are flexible enough to be responsive to unique needs.

How can the Village assist me if I move to an assisted living or nursing facility?

We will help you and your family evaluate the new facility and assist you in making the transition to it.

What is the Village to Village Network?

The Village to Village Network is the national organization of Villages like ours, which provides information and shares the experience of the more than 200 Villages in the US. The website ( contains a wealth of information about the Village movement.


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