When the Village opened its doors in May 2013 we focused on own backyard: creating a local senior community and helping Shoreline seniors meet the challenges of living at home. As our work progressed, we realized that we also had to get involved with policy issues that affect seniors, reasoning that while it’s fine to help seniors deal with The System, it’s also important to improve The System.

To preserve our local focus, we decided to concentrate on state government. We have begun to engage with three of our local elected representatives: Senator Ted Kennedy, Representative Lonnie Reed, and Representative Sean Scanlon. All three enthusiastically support the Village and have welcomed our interest in joining the policy conversation.

In November 2015 we sponsored an open forum at the Guilford Free Library. We touched on health care, the financial complexities of living at home vs. moving into a communal facility, and the changing role of Yale New Haven Hospital in the Shoreline healthcare landscape. In January 2016 we followed up with a similar event at the Blackstone Library sponsored by Representative Lonnie Reed.

Our efforts will continue on April 27, 2016, at the Annual Meeting of the Village, where our invited speaker will be Chris O’Connor, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Yale New Haven Health System. Although Chris is not a political figure, he represents an institution that has become an increasingly important part of the Shoreline healthcare scene. Please join us for another lively conversation.

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