SVCT takes part in the “Great Give” on May 1st and 2nd, 2018

For the last several years we’ve used The Great Give as a convenient focal point for organizing our membership renewal efforts.  We’d like to do the same thing this year, with an important difference.  The Great Give can now accept checks as well as credit card donations.  This is a very welcome development for those members who prefer to avoid online financial transactions.

The Great Give takes place on May 1 and 2.  For online donations, the address is organizations/shoreline- village-ct.  For those renewing by check, please get your check to us by Friday, April 27.  And please don’t be offended if we remind you again as we get closer to the date.  Your financial support is absolutely essential to the success of our Village.

Please bear in mind that the annual contribution is $500 for a single person and $750 for a couple.  This contribution is fully tax-deductible for Supporting Members, who do not receive specific Village services.  For Active Members, who receive rides and other services, the contribution is not fully deductible.

We’d also like to enlist your help in getting small contributions from people who have not given us money before.  The object here is not to raise a lot of money but to expand our base of support.  People who know about us think our effort is important, but there are still too many people who don’t know about us. 

To help get us where we want to be, we have arranged a matching grant that will provide a double match (up to a maximum of $100) for any contribution from an individual who has not given us money before.  And, because the Village movement is a national phenomenon, we’d like to extend our geographical reach.  There will be a triple match (capped at $150) for the donor who lives the furthest from the Shoreline.  If you have a daughter in Seattle or a friend in Sydney, please encourage them to participate!

As always, we are immensely grateful for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Betsy Frederick
President, SVCT