SVCT January 2018 Events

Dear Shoreline Village Community,

 The Board joins me in sending good cheer and hope that 2018 will find you staying comfortably in your home, enjoying good food and being in the company of friends. Here on New Year’s Eve, I’m looking forward to warmer weather and to activities the Village has planned for January and for other opportunities to spend time with you.

 Soon Shoreline Village will be rolling out a project we are calling Home Improvement for Safety. We have a grant from an anonymous donor for banisters, grab bars, ramps and other features you might like to install to make your home safer. These are additions you may be able to afford but that you prefer to postpone in favor of travel, Front Row Opera tickets, or other essentials.

 Stay in touch. Please phone if you need help or would like to catch up. Help us reach out to others. Practice balancing every day. Checkout the articles on our web page.

Happy New Year!
Betsy Frederick for the Shoreline Village CT Board


Tuesday and Thursday Mornings, 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 11 Water St., Guilford. Classes are open to the community and drop-ins are welcome. $5 per class. Betsy Frederick leads the class. Would you like more information? Phone her at 505.220.5050 or send email to

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
1:30-3:00 pm at the Guilford Free Library.
The book for January is Sing, Unburied, Sing, by Jesmyn Ward, Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction. Ward also won the National Book Award in 2011 for Salvage the Bones. “However eternal its concerns, Sing, Unburied, Sing, Ward’s new book, is perfectly poised for the moment. It combines aspects of the American road novel and the ghost story with a timely treatment of the long aftershocks of a hurricane and the opioid epidemic devouring rural America.”
The New York Times

“Staggering … even more expansive and layered [than Salvage the Bones]. A furious brew with hints of Toni Morrison and Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Ward’s novel hits full stride when Leonie takes her children and a friend and hits the road to pick up her children’s father, Michael, from prison. On a real and metaphorical road of secrets and sorrows, the story shifts narrators — from Jojo to Leonie to Richie, a doomed boy from his grandfather’s fractured past — as they crash into both the ghosts that stalk them, as well as the disquieting ways these characters haunt themselves.”
Boston Globe

Wednesday, January 17, 1:30-4:00 PM
The film club will meet in Madison at the home of Jim and Barbara Ryan. This month’s film is: Dragonfly, starring Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates, Joe Morton. Action & AdventureDramaMystery & SuspenseRomance, running time: 103 minutes.

When Doctor Joe Darrow’s young wife dies in a tragic bus crash, he is devastated. He returns to his work, treating sick children. Soon, some of the children start to have remarkably similar near-death experiences, and Joe begins to wonder if the spirit of his late wife is trying to contact him.

MetroPolitan Opera Talk: Tosca
Thursday, January 25, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Guilford Free Library

Yale Professor Marc Verzatt will discuss the the Met’s production. It will be shown “Live in HD” at Branford’s Regal Cinemas on Saturday, January 27, 2018, at 12:55 pm. The Met tells us that “The character of Tosca in Puccini’s searing, controversial, and marvelously unsettling opera is a true diva. She is a female opera star (and one of surprisingly few characters we meet in opera who are actually opera singers). A diva singing the role of Tosca, then, is a meta-diva. Her nemesis, Baron Scarpia, the evil Roman police chief desperate to get her in a compromising (read: prostrate) position, even says that she is as compelling an actress off the stage as on it, further blurring the boundaries between theatrics and the more baffling mysteries of real life. Her great aria is “Vissi d’arte,” literally, “I lived for art.” No soprano can sing those words and that music without bringing her own experience as an artist, and as a woman, to the performance.”

This event is co-sponsored by Shoreline Village CT and open to the public.

Thursday, January 24, 2:3-4:00 pm
Shoreline Diner, 345 Boston Post Road in Guilford.
Enjoy conversation and companionship with SVCT members while indulging in delicious coffees, teas and pastries. Be wary of BELGIAN DEATH – layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and ganache!

*Please RSVP for each event. Sometimes the calendar changes and we want to be able to reach you. Please phone Sylvia at (203) 747-5939 or send email to sylvia @


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We have been reading about Aging2.0, Effects of Loneliness/Isolation on Aging, The 10 Ways Tech Is Changing How We Age


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