February 2018 SVCT Events

Spring is a little closer that it was a month ago. For the most part we have changed in and out of warm coats and wet weather boots with Yankee stoicism. We know there will be more snow and some wind but we still have books to read, games to play, brisk walks to take with friends and dogs, and podcasts, movies and talks to enjoy. This month the Village continues its series of exercise classes, social gatherings, book and movie clubs, and there is another opera talk, too.


Shoreline Village is piloting “Home Improvement for Safety”. We have a grant from an anonymous donor for banisters, grab bars, ramps and other features members may wish to install to make your home safer. Please phone Sylvia at (203) 747-5939 or send an email to Sylvia@shorelinevillagect.org for an appointment for a free estimate.


Stay in touch. As we read and hear in the news, loneliness is not good for us. We all enjoy some solitude even if it’s just in the shower, but loneliness that leads to isolation is a well-documented health risk. It can be hard leave the comfort of home because of weather or transportation challenges. We hope you will call if you would like to talk. Please note the lecture on loneliness noted in the Events Calendar.

Practice balancing every day. Remember, small steps if you have to walk on ice. Drink another glass of water! Enjoy Art: Drop in to the Branford Art Center in February to see Shoreline Village artist Marta Reisman’s work. She is the Guest of the Month. http://www.branfordartcenterct.com/ Reception is on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 from 3 PM – 5 PM.

Betsy Frederick
President: Shoreline Village CT Board