Holiday Message from the Board at Shoreline Village CT

The holidays are here, and our towns and villages are offering festive concerts and plays to help us celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.
However, there is also a sense of loneliness among people who, for one reason or another, are not able get out and enjoy the spirit of the season, and this is a time when we, as a community, can reach out to those who we know who are feeling this loneliness. The smallest gesture can bring a smile to someone, so consider taking someone out for coffee/tea, or making a visit or a phone call, or even something as small as sending a holiday card, and let them know they are thought of and are special.
Please contact Sylvia De Santis, SVCT Director of Services, if you know if someone who would like to receive a visit. Phone: (203) 747-5939 – Email: sylvia @  
Betsy Frederick, Bob Jaeger, Kathy Fox, Randi Reinhold, Rose Rita Riccitelli, Frank Trancole